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Kevin Mawae on 18-game talk: I didn’t know Polian had the authority

Colts president Bill Polian caused a stir on Monday when he said that an 18-game regular season is a done deal.

NFLPA president Kevin Mawae found that surprising.

“My knee-jerk reaction is that I didn’t know [Polian] had the authority to make announcements on his own,’' Mawae told Albert Breer of the Boston Globe. “But the way I understand it -- and I had meetings all day -- he said he wasn’t in favor of it.’'

Breer reports that the league presented the players with a formal proposal on the 18-game season yesterday.

Polian said about the 18-game season is that it’s happening no matter who is or is not in favor of it. But Mawae says the union doesn’t see it that way.

“From a players’ perspective, this is not a done deal,’' Mawae said. “We spent three hours in the bargaining session talking about this and, as players, the thing that concerns us the most is the toll this will take on a player’s body. Look at someone like me, a 16-year vet -- that’d be 32 more games. Of all the things we’re trying to sell to other players, the 18-game season is the hardest thing to sell.’'

But if Polian is right, the league doesn’t view the 18-game season as something it has to “sell” on the players at all -- the league views the 18-game season as something it has already decided to implement, whether the players like it or not.