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Kiss of death for the Broncos?

We’ve been ridiculed by Broncos fans for keeping their surprisingly strong team out of the top ten in our Week Four power rankings.

Though we’re impressed by the team’s accomplishments, they’ve still yet to achieve elite status, in our view.

Really, does anyone think they’d stand a chance against the Steelers? (We’ll find out in November.)

The Broncos have a chance to prove the doubters wrong again this weekend, when the Patriots come to town, in what likely will be the PFTV game of the week. For all two of you who will be watching the segment. (Hello, Joe Brocato’s parents.)

But it could end up being a blowout at Mile High on Sunday, given that Sports Illustrated has jinxed the Broncos by putting them on the cover of this week’s issue (per the Twitter feed of the Denver Post).

We still like the Broncos’ chances on Sunday, made-up curses and hexes notwithstanding.

And if they win, they’ll likely make it into next week’s top ten.

Even if they don’t, they’re in great shape. A 4-0 record means that even a so-so 6-6 gets them to 10-6 and gives them a shot at the AFC West.