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Kluwe to sue Vikings


In a press conference that likely will have begun by the time I press “publish” on this post, former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe will announce that he plans to sue the Vikings as a result of the team’s failure to make public the report of the investigation regarding his claim of homophobic comments and a discriminatory animus against Kluwe when he was cut last year.

“It’s transparently obvious to me that the Vikings are covering up the truth,” Kluwe’s attorney, Clayton Halunen, told KFAN. “We have no choice but to litigate at this point. Kluwe willingly cooperated with the Vikings’ investigation -- all he ever wanted was for the truth to come out.”

“It’s outrageous to me that the Vikings would choose to hide the facts of the investigation from me and from their fans,” Kluwe added. “Minnesota Vikings fans are the real losers in this sad affair. The fans deserve to know that what I said about Priefer and the way the Vikings let me go was the truth. I was persecuted and then fired for standing up for what I believe in, all because some small-minded, bigoted people think that homophobia is OK in the NFL. It is not OK, and now it seems like we’ll have to go to court to force the Vikings to admit that.”

Going to court will introduce plenty of other angles and complications into the situation, possibly leading to one or more unintended outcomes. Kluwe presumably understands that. If doesn’t know it now, he inevitably will.