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Kornheiser says Favre is “fueled by vanity and hatred”

Just for tonight (and only tonight) we wish that Tony Kornheiser was still in the Monday Night Football booth.

Then again, we have a feeling that Kornheiser’s eye-rolling show-opening essay wouldn’t have included the description of Brett Favre that Kornheiser offered during Monday’s PTI.

Kornheiser said that Favre is “fueled by vanity and hatred.”


But Kornheiser might have a point. If Favre had a true, unquenchable love of the game, he wouldn’t decide every February or thereabouts to call it quits. Thus, Favre is driven to continue his career by more powerful forces, and few are more powerful than vanity and hatred.

So, yes, he wants to “stick it” to those who doubted him in Green Bay and, yes, Favre loves the attention, even when he acts like he doesn’t.