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As it turns out, we won’t have to resort to the TiVo machine to find out whether the Titans received an extra down during a key field-position-altering drive in the second quarter of Saturday’s playoff game against Baltimore. (But we still will, if for no reason other than to satisfy our curiosity. And to avoid doing actual work.) NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells us that referee Terry McAulay did indeed correct his on-air statement that the first-down play would count, but that the clarification could be barely heard in the background of the CBS announcing crew and was not thereafter mentioned by Greg Gumbel or Dan Dierdorf. (We’re still a bit confused as to why the unnecessary rougness penalty was enforced from the so-called “succeeding spot” if the down didn’t count, and we’ll research the rule book a bit more closely on that point when we have time and/or insomnia. Our initial thought is that, if the down didn’t count, the half-the-distance penalty should have been enforced from the prior spot, which was the Tennessee 12. The penalty was instead enforced from the 19.) As to the non-safety safety call from a few players earlier, Aiello said only this: “Baltimore did not challenge.” And, possibly, all that that implies.