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LeBron James wants Browns to #FreeOBJ

Mike Florio and Chris Simms think it's past time for the NFL to implement a replay system to pick up flags after an incorrect flag killed the Giants' pivotal late drive against the Chiefs.

As a wise man once said, once is an accident. Twice is a trend.

With the clock ticking toward the trade deadline, an apparently organized effort has emerged to get Odell Beckham Jr. out of Cleveland.

Earlier, Odell Beckham Sr. posted a video showing all the times that OBJ was open but quarterback Baker Mayfield failed to get to ball to Beckham. Now, Cleveland icon LeBron James has chimed in.

OBJ will show again why he’s special,” LeBron tweeted. “WR1 #FreeOBJ.”

James and Beckham are friends. They communicate. Although Beckham has kept his thoughts private as to whether he’s happy in Cleveland, how can he be? He’s still getting open, but the quarterbacks aren’t getting him the ball.

The team’s offense has evolved away from Beckham. They don’t need him. They’re better off without him, and he’d be better off without them.

Here’s the problem. Who’s going to make an offer for Beckham and his eight-figure salary? The better question is whether, after today, the Browns will release Beckham and hope that someone will claim him on waivers, absolving them of any further financial obligation. Otherwise, they’d likely have to pay a large chunk of his remaining salary to even get a low-round draft pick.