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Lincoln Kennedy disagrees with Tim Brown, too


We’re still waiting for one or more teammates of former Raiders receiver Tim Brown to corroborate his non-suggestion suggestion that former Raiders coach Bill Callahan “sabotaged” the team in Super Bowl XXXVII by changing the game plan two days before the game.

So far, at least three have not.

Joining quarterback Rich Gannon and linebacker Bill Romanowski is offensive tackle Lincoln Kennedy.

“I was trying to play over the scenario over and over in my head guys, I just can’t wrap my arms around it,” Kennedy told 95.7 The Game in San Francisco. “I can see why he felt that way, but I just can’t get behind it and say that I agree with it.”

Kennedy instead focuses on the fact that Callahan failed to change things, despite facing a team coached by the guy who had just coached the Raiders, Jon Gruden.

“Gruden gave them our complete playbook, our checks, they knew what we were doing,” Kennedy said. “They knew where we were going. That’s how they were able to have so many interceptions for touchdowns. Because honestly that was the difference in the football game.”

Brown also appeared on 95.7 The Game to elaborate on his beliefs. “The facts are what they are,” Brown said. “That the Friday before the Super Bowl, we changed our game plan. And I know that [Barret Robbins] talked to Callahan and asked Callahan not to do this because he did not have time to make his changes and you know get the calls right, but I can’t put that on Callahan’s back and I’m not trying to do that.”

But Brown is putting something much more significant on Callahan’s back.

“After that game, were the guys talking about sabotage? Absolutely,” Brown added. “We knew how much he loved Gruden. We knew how much he hated the Raiders. We knew the fact that he had walked off the field on us a couple times. So we knew that there was no love with him and the Raider organization. I never want to say that I thought it was sabotage because I’m having to say that I believe I know exactly what this man was thinking, and I can’t say that so I won’t say that. I just know that he is smart enough to know the outcome of the decision especially when you are dealing with football players and football plays.”

Brown will appear on Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk, at 5:00 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network. The topic possibly will come up.