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Lovie Smith says Bucs will be monitoring Hard Knocks

Lovie Smith, Kwon Alexander, Danny Lansanah


At 10:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday night, the first episode of the Hard Knocks debuts, with the Houston Texans as the focal point of this year’s series.

One of the team’s upcoming regular-season opponents will definitely be paying attention.

On September 27, the Buccaneers play the Texans. And Tampa coach Lovie Smith will ensure that the HBO footage is scoured for anything useful.

“I think as a coach you’re not doing your job unless you can use all the information that you can get,” Smith said on Tuesday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio. “So we will have someone of course like most teams, if you get a chance to watch some of it to tape it and watch it. Of course it’s entertaining but you can get something out of it also.”

Still, Smith doesn’t put much stock in anything that can be picked up and used before the game starts.

“It’s just what you do after the snap. And that’s what really determines the success,” Smith said.

He’s right, but if you know what’s coming after the snap -- or for the defense when the snap is coming -- there’s a better chance of winning each play. Three years ago, Texans defensive end J.J. Watt said he picked up the Miami snap count from watching Hard Knocks.

It’s safe to say all of Houston’s 13 regular-season opponents will be looking for that and other clues tonight, and for the rest of the series.

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