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Luke Getsy: We’re working on Justin Fields’ football IQ without making him robotic

Mike Florio and Chris Simms analyze Leonard Floyd’s fit with the Bills and map out why he’s the piece Buffalo is missing to get over the hump.

The Bears need quarterback Justin Fields to be a better passer during the 2023 season, but offensive coordinator Luke Getsy has to find a way to make that happen without overly limiting the running ability that led to the quarterback picking up 1,143 yards on the ground last season.

Getsy discussed that process on Wednesday. He said that the team is focused on Fields’ decision-making in an attempt to make sure that Fields is making the right call about whether to run or pass the ball on a given play, but added that he’s also working to make that happen without limiting Fields’ natural ability to make plays.
“With the running part of it, most of that is a natural thing once you’re in the moment,” Getsy said, via Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune. “But the decision making, we’re working on every day. Timing and rhythm, we’re working on every day. And lastly, the situation you’re in. Putting that all together, you’re just increasing the football IQ so you know better when to take those opportunities and when not to. . . . By no means will I make that guy robotic. I don’t believe in doing that with any player. But there’s a way to refine it all and improve our decision making and trusting our timing and rhythm, and we’ll take it from there.”

The Bears have added players around the offense in hopes of providing better support for Fields than he had during the 2022 season, but that will only do so much if he isn’t seeing the right things from play to play. Getsy and the rest of the Bears staff will spend the rest of the offseason and all of the summer focused on making sure he does have the right view.