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Mathieu makes bad impression on current player with history of off-field issues


Regardless of whether cornerback Tyrann Mathieu gets the benefit of the doubt from NFL teams for canceling a pair of visits last week due to an illness, Mathieu didn’t get the benefit of the doubt from one of the veteran players he met while making visits.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, a current player who has overcome his own history of off-field issues came emerged from the meeting with Mathieu with a negative impression of Mathieu’s current attitude and motivation.

Specifically, Mathieu expressed to the player a desire to make money, not a desire to put in the work necessary to become a great player.

We’re usually leery of this kind of chatter in the days prior to the draft, but this isn’t an expression of opinion from a scout with a possible desire to see a player fall into the lap of the scout’s team. It’s an assessment of things actually said by Mathieu at a time when Mathieu was talking not to coaches or scouts but to a player who soon will be one of Mathieu’s NFL peers.

While there’s still hope for Mathieu, his journey toward maturity will entail much more than avoiding marijuana. In the assessment of the player who interacted with Mathieu, he also will need to learn the value and importance of hard work and commitment.