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Media didn’t know that Snyder would be talking

Given that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder never (actually, based on today’s comments, we need to change that to “rarely”) talks during the season, his comments from Tuesday are a pretty big deal.

And Snyder’s words might have been an even bigger deal if the media had known in advance that Snyder would be talking, since many more of them would have shown up to lob some questions in his direction.

As it turns out, the “media advisory” distributed by the team in advance of a “pep rally” regarding the renovation and maintenance of high school football fields said nothing about plans by Snyder to speak. Consequently, reporters from the Washington Post and the Washington Times were not present.

The event was attended by Redskins blogger Matt Terl and writer Gary Fitzgerald. The only reporter present who is not employed by the team was Joe White of the Associated Press.

A television reporter also attended (Lindsay Czarniak of NBC 4), but it has been explained to us that the local stations routinely send a camera and a reporter to these charity events.

Snyder surely would not have spoken at all if he knew that he would have been forced to go “next question” or “no comment” in response to the barrage of inquiries he would have faced if the beat writers and others had been there.

Still, to the extent that anyone believes Snyder faced down the surrogates for the horde of red-faced Redskins fans, it simply didn’t happen that way.