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Meet the Press to consider Redskins name controversy


It was inevitable, sooner or later. A day after President Barack Obama suggested that the Redsksins should think about changing their name, sooner or later becomes now.

The Redskins name controversy hits the mainstream of political discourse on Sunday, with Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter scheduled to be “featured” on Sunday’s edition of NBC’s Meet The Press, according to a release issued by the tribe.

NBC News has filmed an interview with Halbritter, which suggests that the topic will at least be mentioned and possibly discussed during the one-hour program, likely with a snippet or two pulled from a much longer sit-down with Halbritter.

On Monday, Oneida Indian Nation will host a symposium on the issue in Washington, D.C., to coincide with the NFL’s quarterly ownership meetings.

“As the first sitting president to speak out against the Washington team name, President Obama’s comments are truly historic,” Halbritter said Saturday. “The use of such an offensive term has negative consequences for the Native American community when it comes to issues of self-identity and imagery. We will continue to push our cause because this is about doing right by our children, who are especially impressionable.”

Halbritter, whose group has a sponsorship deal with the Buffalo Bills, added that the comments from President Obama “add momentum to our campaign” to change the name.

“The NFL and Snyder should borrow a page from the President and use the changing of the football team’s name as a teachable moment,” Halbritter said.

In the highly unlikely Snyder does it in the short term, the biggest lesson would be “never say never.”