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Michael Crabtree hires Kliff Kingbury’s agent, gets deal done

The Raiders went all in against Kyler Murray during their preseason game vs. the Cardinals. Was it a power move to downplay Murray's abilities?

It’s not yet clear what changed financially in the past two weeks to help receiver Michael Crabtree finally get a deal done in Arizona. One thing is clear: Since working out for Arizona on August 5, Crabtree hired the agent who represents Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury, along with Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

According to NFLPA records, Crabtree parted ways with Doug Hendrickson and hired Erik Burkhardt in the time since Crabtree visited Arizona. Given the mandatory five-day waiting period that applies when a player disengages with one agent, the wheels surely were put in motion not long after Crabtree landed on Arizona’s radar, worked out for the team along with two other receivers, emerged as the winner of the workout, but declined to accept the terms offered by the Cardinals.

The Cardinals originally offered a one-year deal with a base salary of $2.5 million plus up to $2 million in incentives. Crabtree balked, given the contracts signed this year by comparable players.

However things unfolded after that, it necessarily became much easier to establish an acceptable middle ground when the guy hired to represent Crabtree’s interests also represents the interests of the coach who wants to sign him.

Sure, it’s a conflict of interest. But it’s not only permitted but also commonplace, and in this case it undoubtedly helped get the deal done. Crabtree, who was poised to become a Cardinal 16 days ago, is now a member of the team, taking the spot on the depth chart created by Wednesday’s release of Kevin White.