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Michi Marshall admits to stabbing, claims self-defense

The Ricky Williams Foundation Presents Run Ricky Run ESPNs 30 for 30

MIAMI BEACH, FL - APRIL 26: Brandon Marshall and Michi Marshall (formerly Michi Nogami Campbell) attend The Ricky Williams Foundation and ESPN’s 30 for 30 premiere of ‘Run Ricky Run’ on April 26, 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

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For an NFL media corps starved to cover something other than the lockout or the draft, the stabbing of Brandon Marshall has become the equivalent of a steer wading into a piranha pond. (I call left rear thigh.)

Amid a flurry of reports popping up almost by the minute on Twitter, Andrew Carter of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes that, according to the police report, Marshall’s wife, Michi, has admitted to stabbing her husband with a kitchen knife.

She claims that the act was committed in self-defense.

Marshall contends, per the report, that he slipped a fell on a vase, a twist on Jay Glazer’s report that the authorities originally believed that Mrs. Marshall threw a vase or a lamp at Marshall, that it shattered, and that he was stuck by a piece of it.

It all means that both Brandon and Michi Marshall are in hot water. Brandon could be charged with lying to the police, and possibly with whatever he did or threatened to do that prompted Michi to stab him in self-defense. And Michi faces serious criminal consequences if her self-defense theory holds less water than a tuna net.