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More misadventures for Santonio, Twitter style

On Wednesday’s edition of ESPN’s Jim Rome Is Burning, Rome has a classic “Final Burn” regarding the perils of Twitter, as viewed from the perspective of Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes, who recently invited another Twitter user to commit suicide.

But the “kill urself” message isn’t the only one that could raise some eyebrows for the league and the team. As a reader points out, Holmes posted Wednesday morning that it’s “time to wake n bake.”

According to the linguistic authorities at, the term “wake n bake” means to get out of bed in the morning and smoke pot.

As we recently pointed out at, some in the league make too much of the fact that guys smoke marijuana. The real question is whether their marijuana smoking affects performance or keeps them from playing. But in light of the fact that players can be pushed into the NFL’s substance abuse program due to behavior -- and given that Holmes was cited in 2008 for marijuana possession -- he probably should have steered clear of the phrase.

So what will come of this? Probably nothing. But we know for a fact that receiver Randy Moss had to do some major tap-dancing to avoid being placed into Stage 1 of the substance abuse program when he admitted to Bryant Gumbel in 2005 that Moss smokes pot “every blue moon.”

Based on Holmes’ tweet, it could be inferred that he celebrates every yellow sun with a blaze.