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Myles Garrett: I am not trying to do anything dirty

The Los Angeles Rams are once again off to a fast start, and will head to Cleveland to face a Browns team that is dealing with high expectations for the first time in many seasons.

Myles Garrett leads the NFL with five sacks. He also is tied for the NFL lead with four penalties, three of them 15-yarders, and had an offsides negated by his own roughing penalty.

One of his roughing the passer penalties fractured the ankle of Trevor Siemian, knocking the Jets quarterback out for the year.

“You do not want to put anybody out for the season,” Garrett told reporters Wednesday. “That is their job. That is something that you do not do unless you love it, and you do not want to take that away from anybody. I hope he comes back faster and stronger than he ever has. I wish the best for him.”

The NFL fined Garrett $10,527 last week for hitting Titans tight end Delanie Walker in the facemask with an open hand. That drew his first 15-yard penalty of the season.

He had two roughing the passer penalties Monday night and likely will lose even more money this week. But Garrett said he is not concerned about any perception he’s a dirty player.

“It is hurting right now because you want to play aggressive, you want to play passionate, and you just want to finish the play,” Garrett said. “I am going to keep on playing with the same aggression. I just have to be smarter, better with my strike zone and try to pull off so I do not land with all my weight. That was the main point of emphasis when the refs talked to me, so I just have to be better at that. I am not going to pull off on a one-step and hit on the quarterback like that. If I know I have to be two steps or more, I am going to pull off. I am not trying to do anything dirty. I am not trying to injure anybody.”

Garrett said he will try to balance finishing “violently” while staying “within the rules.”

“Make sure I get the guy down, try and strip the ball from him but nothing late or anything illegal,” Garrett said.