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Myles Jack to leave school, and his coach expresses his concern

Myles Jack


Myles Jack might be taking a chance, but he’s not going to let his next chance be for free.

According to Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated, the injured UCLA hybrid linebacker/running back has withdrawn from school, and plans to enter the 2016 NFL Draft.

Jack suffered a season-ending knee injury in September, derailing a season which could have cemented his status as a first-round pick next year anyway.

But UCLA coach Jim Mora expressed concern over Jack’s decision.

“I think it’s very risky to do this. There’s a lot of speculation to . . . where he fits,” Mora said. “I’ve been in 25 draft rooms. I’ve never seen a guy taken off [two games of junior tape]. . . .

“Myles’ talent is without question. I hope he’s put enough out there where they can get a true evaluation.”

Mora’s concern is touching, assuming he’s not just worried about Jack making a financial decision which could only benefit Jack and not Mora.

The college football-industrial complex is full of territorial squatters, as evidenced by LSU’s tsk-tsking at the suggestion that Leonard Fournette should use his earning potential for Leonard Fournette and not LSU. So it’s not a surprise that Mora would join in, warning at the inherent danger of trying to capitalize on your own talents for yourself.