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Nathaniel Hackett brushes off boo birds: “I would be booing myself”

The 49ers return to Sunday Night Football in Week 3 as Jimmy Garoppolo takes up the mantle of QB1 again to face the Broncos in Denver.

The bar is high for the Broncos. Maybe higher than it should have been. The fans aren’t quite ready to come to terms with that. Which resulted in some boo birds flying during the first regular-season home game of Nathaniel Hackett’s time as coach, Russell Wilson’s time as quarterback, and the Penner-Walton group’s tenure as owners.

Hackett brushed off the boo birds.

“I would be booing myself,” he told reporters after the 16-9 win. “I was getting very frustrated. We get down to the red zone two times. Don’t get another touchdown, which is unbelievably frustrating. I don’t think we have scored in there yet. That’s something that all of our guys have to step it up. Whether we run the ball more, whatever we’re doing, we just have to execute at a higher level.”

They also need to get the plays in faster. Quarterback Russell Wilson was asked whether he’s ever heard the fans count down the play clock, like they were on Sunday.

“I guess that was helpful if needed,” Wilson told reporters. “I guess they do that in basketball sometimes -- you know, I’ve been around some basketball players and stuff like that. You know, this crowd was amazing tonight. Once again, how they were especially when the defense was out there with the game on the line -- I know how hard that is as a quarterback hearing all of that noise and all that tenacity. That was great that our fans we’re really into it and just a great football crowd for sure.”

Wilson didn’t address the reason for the counting. Through two games, it’s taking too long to get things going. Hackett was asked whether calling plays is more of a job then he expected it would be.

“No, I think there’s definitely some things that go on once you get down to that unique area,” Hackett said. “I think I just need to be sure I clean up exactly what I’m hearing, where I’m going with, and make sure I’m on the same page for Russ. I think that will make us more efficient . . . .”

They need to become more efficient, quickly. They need to get the plays in more quickly, quickly. Few if any teams have those issues. When one does, it becomes glaring. In a very bad way.