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Nathaniel Hackett isn’t concerned about Russell Wilson’s travel schedule keeping him from learning offense

Chris Simms' QB Countdown reaches Russell Wilson, who will look to reassert himself as one of the elite QBs of his generation with an intriguing young skill corps in Denver.

Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who has been fully engaged in the offseason program in Denver, is fully engaged in other things when it’s not time to show up for work. Does coach Nathaniel Hackett have any concern about Wilson’s ability to balance his work life and his very active non-work life?

“When it first started,” Hackett told reporters on Monday, “you’re like, ‘Whoa, are you going to be able to pick this stuff up? Are we going to be able to own the offense like we want to?’ But he does such a great job of surrounding himself with great people that help him out so he can still do all of these things and still focus solely on football. It’s unbelievable to watch. Every single second that he has, he’s non-stop working. If he’s on a plane, he’s watching film, he’s studying, he’s calling people and he’s calling me. That’s what you appreciate. Everyone is professional and everyone does things differently. Some people are here, and they may not want to work as hard as he does when he’s leaving. Everyone is different and he does a fantastic job of learning everything.”

Wilson has gotten what he wanted; he’s with a team that will build its offense around him. And now he has to show that he can pull it off. It’ll take time and effort. Even with plenty of other interests, he’s doing what he has to do to get there.