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NBC could be picking up an 18th game

As the NFL inches closer toward announcing the contents of the 2010 regular-season schedule, we’re told that NBC’s 17-game slate could be expanding. By one.

We’re hearing that NBC will have an 18th game this year.

And this means that Bud Selig likely will be upset, again. Because we think it means that the NFL no longer will be standing down during the World Series.

If so, bravo. We’ve hated -- actually, despised -- the NFL’s reluctance to play a game against baseball’s championship round. Besides, if Selig was prompted to say “goodness gracious” regarding the trade of Donovan McNabb on the day that the baseball season started, we have a feeling that his words will be slightly more colorful as it relates to the possible infringement on the season’s climax.

So here’s hoping that, if the NFL does indeed go against the World Series, the league and NBC give us the kind of game that will result in a ratings landslide.