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New evidence in Rams lawsuit makes Kevin Demoff even more of a villain in St. Louis

Chris Simms has the Rams' Matthew Stafford all the way up at No. 8 in his Top 40 QB Countdown and argues that, now that he's finally out of Detroit, his prodigious arm talent will finally shine through.

Rams COO Kevin Demoff had a job to do, and he did it well. He did it too well. And he seemed to take perverse glee in it.

It’s one thing for Demoff to take marching orders from his billionaire boss, Stan Kroenke, regarding talking points and/or flat-out lies regarding Kroenke’s attachment to St. Louis. It’s quite another for Demoff to seem to enjoy the hardship he inflicted on the city the Rams abandoned.

Consider these nuggets that emerged in court on Monday, via Ben Fredrickson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. First, when Rams staff penned a supposedly heartfelt goodbye to the city that lured it from L.A. in 1995, Demoff referred to it as the AMF letter. As in, “Adios, motherf--kers.”

Also, Demoff reportedly had a habit of forwarding emails to the league office about the crime rate and credit rating of St. Louis.

Some have suggested that Demoff could succeed Roger Goodell as the NFL Commissioner. That seemed like a stretch, frankly. It will now be even more of one.