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NFL Competition Committee calls officiating consistency a top priority

Mike Florio and Peter King unpack the reason why there’s no prohibition on pushing the ball carrier included in the final rule proposals and shed light on how it’s a major safety concern.

Although NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claimed before the Super Bowl that the league’s officiating has never been better, the NFL recognizes the need to make officiating more consistent.

NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent said that when the league’s Competition Committee met, the highest priority was discussing how to ensure that officiating is consistent league-wide.

“Officiating was at the top,” of the Competition Committee’s agenda, Vincent said. “Crew consistency was the theme.”

Vincent said the league wants all 17 officiating crews to call the game the same way, and that the league wants to make sure the rule book is internally consistent so that the game is called consistently.

Goodell’s claim about the league’s officiating being better than ever was met with plenty of derision from NFL fans, but the Competition Committee’s focus on consistency suggests that the league does realize there are aspects of officiating that could be better.