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NFL fines Carson Palmer $11,576 for crotch chop

Carson Palmer


Carson Palmer claims it was a message to his friends. If so, it was an expensive one.

According to the NFL, Palmer has been fined $11,576 for unsportsmanlike conduct, arising from his crotch-chop sideline celebration.

Even if it wasn’t taunting, the maneuver becomes unsportsmanlike conduct for its sexually-suggestive nature. It undoubtedly seems to be out of character for Palmer, but that doesn’t matter. He did it, and the NFL fined him for it.

And he certainly can afford it.

As the Cardinals prepare to play in a second straight Sunday game, the next question is whether he’ll do it again. You know, the way most people communicate with their friends.

If that’s indeed the way Palmer communicates with his friends, I’d hate to see how he communicates with his enemies.