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NFL has quietly shifted the rules of the Scouting Combine ban

Drew Brees and Russell Wilson are shorter NFL quarterbacks, but Kyler Murray's weight and frame makes him a unique case.

As more people around the league question the wisdom of banning players with off-field issues from attending the Scouting Combine, people inside the league office have applied a wishy-washiness to the rule.

Per a league source, the rule has ping-ponged since 2017 from a complete ban to, in 2018, permission to attend for the purposes of providing a physical exam to, as of this year, a return to a full and complete ban.

The shunning and partial unshunning and reshunning highlights the tension between those at 345 Park Avenue who hope to score a P.R. layup and those responsible for evaluating players who inevitably will be evaluated for potential selection in the draft, off-field issues or not.

The fact that the players are still permitted to be drafted and to participate in practices and games makes the decision to keep them from the Scouting Combine confusing and inconsistent. As one high-level team employee told PFT on Thursday, “We are not going to allow them to [attend the Combine] but when they are drafted and become stars they will promote them.”

Next year, the rule doesn’t need to shift. It needs to disappear.