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NFL, NFLPA are conducting standard review of T.J. Watt concussion

The NFL isn’t providing answers. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin claims he doesn’t have them.

The league and the union apparently will be getting them.

According to the NFL, a joint review is underway regarding the T.J. Watt concussion. The review will explore how and when Watt was evaluated and diagnosed.

While the joint review might be standard, the situation is not. Watt suffered a severe blow to the head. It prompted immediate attention, but not an immediate search for a concussion. It’s as if they were waiting for Watt to say “I might have a concussion” before acting accordingly.

Hopefully, the review will result in the kind of transparency the league has refused to display and the kind of curiosity Tomlin has failed to exhibit. It’s amazing to think Tomlin didn’t ask any questions and that no one within the organization told him anything about the situation.

For the NFLPA, it will be the first safety-related test for new executive director Lloyd Howell. Will the union bend to subtle (or otherwise) pressure from the league to downplay and minimize and explain away the situation? Or will the NFLPA fight like hell to make sure all players are protected at all times, even if they need to also be protected from their own inherent desire to keep playing?