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NFL tables Baltimore’s replay proposal

Mike Florio examines the Ravens' proposal to completely change how NFL replay could be structured and why it didn't pass.

At a time when plenty of momentum has built toward a change in the NFL’s replay system, the league has pressed pause on the process for two months.

Baltimore’s proposal to replace a list of reviewable plays with a list of non-reviewable plays has been tabled. Bears chairman George McCaskey tells PFT that the measure will be considered during the next ownership meeting, in May.

McCaskey also added the he opposes the proposal. If at least eight other owners feel that way, the rule will have no chance of changing.

The NFL is balancing a desire to get calls right with the importance of avoiding undue delay in the total time for play a game. The real challenge is to come up with a way to embrace technology in a manner that allows the officials to quickly incorporate the images everyone sees at home into the rulings made on the field.