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NFL uses its platforms to push flag football World Games finals

The NFL wants to globalize football. The latest goal in that regard centers on making flag football a truly global sport.

More specifically, the league wants flag football to be included in the Olympics. Toward that end, the league is now actively promoting flag football to its domestic audience.

On Thursday, the USA beat Italy for the gold medal in the first-ever flag football World Games. The NFL heavily focused on the game via its website and massive Twitter footprint of more than 30 million followers. A full-blown game story ended up on, with a link on the front page of the league-owned website.

Also on the front page of is a link to the story regarding Mexico defeating the USA in the women’s flag football final.

The league can use its platforms however it chooses, obviously. In this specific case, the league wants people to embrace flag football. The league wants flag football to grow. The league wants flag football in the Olympics. The league eventually wants tackle football in the Olympics.

It’s all part of the broader effort to turn a billion-dollar sport into a trillion-dollar sport. It’s about making the National Football League truly international. It’s about getting more and more people beyond our borders watching games and buying merchandise and spending time and effort consuming NFL-related content.

So if you’re wondering why the NFL is suddenly force-feeding flag football onto an American audience that seems dubious at best about it, that’s why. It’s not about us. It’s about the league getting more people around the world interested in the sport.

We’ll see if it works. The first specific objective will be to get flag football in the 2028 Olympics.