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NFL, Washington’s opponents haven’t removed former team name from 2020 schedules

Washington opens at No. 32 in the PFT Preseason Power Rankings after sexual harassment allegations were made public and the franchise's toxic culture was exposed.

When word first emerged of an imminent plan to ditch the name of the Washington football team, it was accompanied with a report that other teams had been told to prepare to scrub the old name from their websites.

This morning, Washington officially dumped its former name, opting for the “Washington Football Team” placeholder until a permanent name can properly be chosen, and adequately protected from a trademark perspective.

Regardless, the old name is gone. It’s officially no longer the name of the team. However, each of Washington’s opponents in 2020 continue to use the outdated name and logo in their online schedules. The NFL also continues to use the name and logo in the 2020 schedule at

It shouldn’t be a difficult fix, and it’s surprising that the league and the 13 teams that play Washington this year (Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, Bengals, Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Panthers, Lions, 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals) didn’t move swiftly to get the former name and logo removed from their digital properties, given the reason for the team’s decision to change the name and logo.

Hopefully this will serve as the nudge to that makes it happen.