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NFL won’t comment on Polian’s 18-game comments

During his weekly radio show on Monday, Colts president Bill Polian said that an 18-game schedule is a “fait accompli.” Which is Latin or French for “done deal.” (Apparently, it’s French. Either way, it’s not American.)

The blurb initially posted at didn’t carry many details. The updated story now does, and it makes clear that Polian is opposed to the move.

“I think that the owners, and principally the Commissioner, have decided that it’s the way to go, and so the debate, such as it was, is over,” Polian said. “I’ve heard recently, and I’m sorry that this didn’t get more coverage earlier, some really, really interesting commentary on it. . . . I wish some of that dialogue had taken place earlier.”

The dialogue didn’t occur earlier because the debate wasn’t framed until it essentially was over. Commissioner Roger Goodell has repeatedly said that the "[f]ans have spoken very clearly” in support of expansion of the season, but the fans who comment at PFT have been mixed at best, with the louder voices opposed to the move.

Polian also lamented the fact that a reduced preseason will make it harder to evaluate the players on the roster. “In a two-game preseason, you’re going to have to play the regulars a half and a half,” Polian said. “And that’s going to take a full game away, essentially a full game away from the rookies who are trying to make the team. So how do you deal with that? Well, you’ve got to set up evaluative experiences for them in other venues. And I’m hoping that we can get enough camp time to be able to go against the Bears, let’s say, or go against the Bengals in a controlled situation. Perhaps the Rams, people nearby.”

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Associated Press that the league would not be responding to Polian’s remarks.

But the fans can respond, if they so choose. The fans can start by putting their comments below.

Even if you’ve already commented on the subject in response to other posts on the topic, let us know what you think -- and in turn let the NFL know whether or not the "[f]ans have spoken very clearly” in support of adding two regular-season games to the schedule.