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NFLPA provides confidential transportation services for current and former players


At one point, the NFL and/or the teams provided no-questions-asked transportation services for players who had too much to drink. Some players resisted the program, fearful that word that they were in places where they perhaps shouldn’t have been doing things they perhaps shouldn’t have been doing would get back to the boss, or to the Commish.

So now the NFLPA provides the service to all current and former players, on a 24-hour-per-day basis.

It’s a confidential program, with no connection to the league or any teams. Administered by Corporate Security Solutions, Inc., drivers are dispatched to any location in the 50 states or Canada by calling the appropriate 800 number.

The brochure given to players, a copy of which PFT has obtained, explains that the service is available on both a pre-arranged and an emergency basis. The document reiterates that confidentiality agreements have been signed by CSSI and the companies that provide transportation.

The service costs $90 per hour, with a bill directly submitted by the company to the player. And that’s the only problem with it. Plenty of folks, both in football and elsewhere, who earn a lot of money are too cheap to pay $90 per hour.

So it would be better if it were free. It also would be better if the players had an app on their smartphones that could engage the process with the press of a single button and the use of GPS to send a car to the player’s location.For now, though, every player should add the number to their contacts -- and they should be ready to use it whenever they need to.