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No fine for McNabb hit

When Panthers defensive tackle Damione Lewis dove onto Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb in the end zone after McNabb scrambled for a three-yard touchdown run, the officials inexplicably didn’t penalize Lewis.

Now, the league inexplicably is giving him a pass, too.

Per Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, Lewis won’t be fined for the play.

Um, really?

Watch the video. Lewis crosses the goal line to dive on McNabb, hitting him a couple of yards into the end zone.

Setting aside whether quarterbacks receive special protections (and they do, or so we thought), any player who is clearly in the end zone should not be subject to a swine dive from a 300-pounder who ran into the end zone to apply the hit.

It’s a bad, bad decision. And it makes the line regarding what is and isn’t acceptable extremely vague moving forward.