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Norv talks about becoming a coordinator again


Chargers coach Norv Turner is an excellent offensive coordinator. In fact, he’s so good at it that he keeps getting hired to be a head coach based on his skills and abilities as an offensive coordinator.

And then, after he inevitably is fired as a head coach, he becomes an excellent offensive coordinator. So excellent that he keeps getting hired to be a head coach.

With the end of the road coming for his third and most recent head-coaching gig, Turner is willing to return to the job that he does so well that it keeps getting him hired for the job from which he keeps getting fired. Per the Associated Press, Turner told New York reporters on Thursday that he would be willing to become an coordinator again, in “a place where you have an opportunity to win and be in a situation that there are coaches I’ve worked with and been around.”

Turner addressed the topic again in a meeting with San Diego scribes, explaining that he wasn’t giving up on his current gig.

“They were speculating that I might not be coaching here next year then they were speculating what I might be doing with my future if I wasn’t and obviously I have been doing this a long time and enjoy doing it,” Turner said. “In the right situation I can help somebody but that is a long ways in the future.”

It’s not that long into the future. In fact, it’s less than two weeks away.

Turner will most likely be fired, and then multiple teams will court him to help turn around struggling offenses, whether in Minnesota or New York or anywhere else where not enough points are being scored.