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On further review, it’s Eli by a nose

We’ve been caught in a game of ping (beer) pong today as we try to figure out whether the contract signed by quarterback Eli Manning carries the highest annual average of any quarterback or other player in league history.

Initially, we said it did. Then, we concluded that it didn’t.

Per NFLPA records, the annual average of quarterback Carson Palmer’s contract is $16,166,667. But a league source explained to us that this is Palmer’s “new money” average. Factoring in the payments remaining on his pre-existing deal, Palmer’s average take was a pedestrian $13.194 million.

Eli’s average based on his prior deal is $15.27 million. The new money average, however, is $16.25 million.

Comparing apples to apples, Manning’s deal is worth more than Palmer’s.

And now we can die in peace.