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One week after Seau’s death, the wrong questions are being asked

1336277570_Junior Seau CTE Brain Injury - 32 - Junior Seau

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It has become fashionable in the wake of the death of linebacker Junior Seau to ask current and former NFL players whether they’ll permit their children to play football.

It’s all part of the four-letter media’s effort to, as Dan Patrick calls it, “play the hits” -- and the most popular tune currently is Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be (Dallas) Cowboys.

But the bigger question that the media should be posing to players in the wake of the Seau suicide is this: Will you quit complaining about the NFL’s efforts to make the game safer?

That’s the change that needs to happen next. And that’s the question that players who have loudly complained about changes to the game need to be asked.

For more, here’s a little snippet from Wednesday’s PFT Live.