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Owners vote down proposal to make roughing the passer reviewable

Mike Florio and Chris Simms map out which questions they most want answered at the NFL owners meetings, from roughing the passer to hip-drop tackles and more.

Roughing the passer will not be reviewable in 2023.

The Rams’ proposal to make the penalty subject to review was voted down by NFL owners at the annual league meeting in Arizona on Tuesday, according to multiple reports.

It seemed like a long shot that 24 owners would approve making roughing the passer reviewable. Last month, the competition committee found that only three of the 80 roughing fouls they examined were “questionable.”

Still, some coaches like Sean Payton have spoken about how the league needs to be better at officiating that particular penalty. Much of that centers around consistency.

But given that the league wants to keep quarterbacks as healthy as possible, it’s unlikely that QBs will receive any less protection going forward, particularly on a subjective call.