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Packers still hold the contractual cards in their relationship with Aaron Rodgers

Mike Florio and Chris Simms look at how the battle between Aaron Rodgers and the Packers came to an end and why Rodgers should've gotten more out of the Packers before coming to training camp.

Despite Wednesday’s memorable press conference from Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who personally confirmed many of the reports and rumors about his attitude toward the Green Bay front office, the Green Bay front office still holds all the cards in its relationship with Rodgers.

Via Albert Breer of, G.M. Brian Gutekunst told reporters on Thursday that Rodgers still have three years left on his contract “at the moment,” and that “we may alter that.”

We MAY alter that? Getting the third year of the current deal ripped up was the only concession Rodgers secured as a result of his standoff with the team, and now he may not even be getting that.

Indeed, what’s he going to do if the Packers refuse to eventually alter the deal? If, after all, they plan to consider trading him after the 2021 season, they’ll get more if they trade him with two years left on his deal than with only one. Maybe, now that Rodgers is back, that’s sinking in. Maybe, after Rodgers said what he said about the front office on Wednesday, the Packers woke up on Thursday feeling less inclined to reduce non-binding verbal promises to writing.

Gutekunst also said that, even if the contract is revised, it won’t be a one-year contract. He said that in response to the question of whether Rodgers is a lame-duck quarterback.

But contract length doesn’t matter. If it’s his last year, it’s his last year, contract terms be damned. The mere fact that the two sides seem to be operating from different talking points shows that, even though he showed up, there’s plenty of dysfunction between player and organization. Any success the team has in 2021 will occur not because of that situation but despite it.