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Patrick Mahomes does some of his most amazing work while in “panic mode”

Mike Florio and Chris Simms react to Andy Reid's press conference where he endorsed his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, as this year's MVP.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made another amazing play on Sunday, with a cross-field throw to tight end Travis Kelce that looked like a hook shot in basketball.

I spoke to Mahomes after the game by phone. I asked him if he ever amazes himself with what he does and how he does it.

“Sometimes, but it’s very rare,” Mahomes said. “I mean, the one in Denver, when I kind of just flicked it [to Jerick McKinnon], I think it amazed me because it looked cool, but it really was just full panic mode for me. I was trying to get the ball out of my hand as fast as possible. So, that stuff like that is always fun to watch, but you just try to go out there and win games. I’ve always believed myself as a competitor more than a quarterback, and it sometimes doesn’t look the right way, but it kind of works.”

“Panic mode” works in large part because the Chiefs practice it.

“We legit work on stuff like that in training camp and stuff like that where I scramble and we get guys open,” Mahomes said. “As long as I complete it, Coach Reid doesn’t get mad. He gets a little mad at me, sometimes I throw some dumb plays, but it helps out when you got a head coach that will let you go out there and be who you are. It’s not necessarily the perfect quarterback, but it’s the guy that gets out there and loves to win.”

Another “panic mode” play from Mahomes’s past personal highlight reel happened when he threw the ball left-handed. And there’s still one play to wait for -- panic mode or otherwise.

“The behind-the-back throw is coming at some point,” Mahomes said after I brought up the possibility of it happening.

Really, that’s pretty much all he can do to truly amaze those of us who are so used to seeing Mahomes do amazing things. At some point, with an amazing talent like Mahomes, amazing things are no longer all that surprising.