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Pats Looking To Get Out Of Round One?

There’s a rumor making the rounds that the Patriots’ reported effort to get into the bottom of the top ten was a ruse, and that the team has no desire to move up. In fact, we’re hearing that the Patriots are actually considering the possibility of dropping out of round one altogether. At No. 23, the Pats are in position to dangle the pick to a team that might like to get in position to get a given receiver before a six-pack of teams that need pass-catchers hits the clock: the Fins at No. 25, the Ravens at No. 26, the Colts at No. 27, the Eagles at No. 28, the Giants at No. 29, and the Titans at No. 30. [Editor’s note: Yeah, I know the Eagles traded the 28th pick. I was looking at an outdated first-round roster when I wrote this. And because I’ve got a list of like 50 stories I want to post ASAFP, I might make a mistake or two. So thanks for pointing out the error, to all 234 of you who did. Now direct that energy toward signing up for the Predict the Pick challenge.] This would explain the Pats reportedly offering a package to the Jaguars that falls dramatically short of the requirements of the draft trade chart. And despite talk that the chart should change, the need for change applies at the very top, where the contracts have gone as the kids say in the comments “batsh-t crazy.” By pick number eight, the craziness subsides, making the current chart still very relevant. And now that folks like Chris Mortensen are suggesting that the Pats would trade up possibly to pick off receiver Michael Crabtree, we’re wondering whether coach Bill Belichick might be trying to spark a little fire under the fanny of Randy Moss, whose incredible talents from time to time need a lawnmower-style cord pulling in order to fully engage.