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Pereira thinks Vick should have been fined

The NFL decided not to fine Eagles quarterback Mike Vick for his comments following Sunday’s loss to the Giants.

Former NFL V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira disagrees with that approach. Pereira, who used to feel the Wrath of Tuna as an official and who now works as the FOX rules analyst, appeared on Thursday’ PFT Live, and I asked him that question right out of the gates.

Pereira thinks Vick should be fined.

“I think what he did was basically throw the 17 referees in the National Football League under the bus and put them in a very difficult position,” Pereira said. “A referee now based on what Mike said, as far as I’m concerned, is in a lose-lose situation. If he calls roughing the passer on a hit against Michael Vick, then everybody is going to say that they taunted him into the foul. If he doesn’t, then they more heap criticism on him based on what Mike said.

“To me, that’s a reason why the league should deal with comments made by players. But they traditionally don’t.”

Pereira went on to explain that the league goes easier on players because players are more likely to be influenced by emotion, and that coaches are usually held to a higher standard. Still, Pereira thinks players should be held accountable for comments that place pressure on the officials.

Vick’s comments clearly do; everyone will be watching the man in the white hat on Sunday to see if/when the yellow flag will fly whenever Vick is hit.

Pereira’s full appearance is well worth a listen. He’s a valuable resource that helps fans understand a complex aspect of football, and we appreciate the folks at FOX making him available, so that we can help PFT Planet know the rules a little bit better.