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Peyton Manning makes an appearance on final Letterman show

In this age of the DVR, I’m careful about spoilers. But when the TV show that could be spoiled has morphed into a major event, anyone who chooses not to do it live proceeds at their own risk of learning things before getting a chance to catch up.

So for the same reason that I wouldn’t wait to talk about the Super Bowl until everyone has a chance to watch it, I’m not waiting to talk about the final show of David Letterman’s TV career.

But I’ll only spoil one aspect of his best top-10 list ever. Letterman brought in a slew of celebrities who each said the one thing they’d say to him. The sports world was represented by Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

“You are to comedy,” Manning said to Letterman, “what I am . . . to comedy.”

Of all the stars who showed up, Letterman seemed to be the most smitten with Manning’s presence, repeatedly poking fun at the significant height difference between Manning and the otherwise tall Letterman.

Which makes me wish there was a way to put Peyton next to Calvert DeForest.