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PFT’s Week 14 2021 power rankings

Mike Florio and Charean Williams talk about the reports that the Buccaneers are considering cutting Antonio Brown and why the team won't do it if they want to keep Tom Brady happy.

1. Cardinals (10-2, last week No. 1): It doesn’t matter that they went 2-1 without him; if the Cardinals get the No. 1 seed in the NFC , Kyler Murray is the MVP.

2. Patriots (9-4, No. 2): Whatever it takes. Wherever it happens. Whoever is available. Whichever way the wind is blowing.

3. Packers (9-3, No. 3): The NFC North is in the bag. The real question is whether they’ll be the No. 1 seed.

4. Buccaneers (9-3, No. 4): The Bucs will cut Antonio Brown only if Tom Brady lets them. In other words, they won’t be cutting him.

5. Chiefs (8-4, No. 6): The defense will carry them to the playoffs. The offense will have to carry them to a championship, if it can.

6. Rams (8-4, No. 7): Beating the Jaguars doesn’t mean anything. If the Rams want to change minds, they need to beat the Cardinals on Monday night.

7. Cowboys (8-4, No. 8): The division title that was in the bag is back out of the bag, thanks to Washington climbing off the mat.

8. Ravens (8-4, No. 5): It feels like they’re limping toward the finish line. If they get to the playoffs, what will they have left?

9. Titans (8-4, No. 10): Their bye came at a perfect time. They now need to get back to winning.

10. Colts (7-6, No. 12): They maybe should have saved a few of those points for future games.

11. Bills (7-5, No. 9): They waited too long to throw caution, and footballs, to the wind.

12. Chargers (7-5, No. 17): This rollercoaster likely has a few more ups and downs left.

13. Bengals (7-5, No. 11): This rollercoaster likely has a few more ups and downs left.

14. 49ers (6-6, No. 13): The Seahawks are 2-0 against the 49ers and 2-8 against the rest of the league. Those two losses to Seattle could keep San Francisco home after Week 18.

15. Steelers (6-5-1, No. 18): Without T.J. Watt, they might be winless.

16. Washington (6-6, No. 20): The David vs. Goliath vibe they’ve created seems a little weird when they’re not playing Goliath.

17. Dolphins (6-7, No. 23): TuAnon > DeshaunAnon.

18. Raiders (6-6, No. 14): Well, Mark Davis should be able to start looking for a new coach soon.

19. Browns (6-6, No. 19): Coach Kevin Stefanki is considering using both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt at the same time. Some Browns fans approve of the approach, especially if one of them will be playing quarterback.

20. Eagles (6-7, No. 25): Jalen Hurts will be the starter when healthy. And he’ll be “healthy” when Minshew Mania 2.0 subsides.

21. Broncos (6-6, No. 16): Owner, coach, quarterback and more. It may be easier to list the key positions that won’t change hands after the season.

22. Vikings (5-7, No. 15): Purple Purgatory quickly is becoming Lavender Hell.

23. Falcons (5-7, No. 21): In this nuttiest of years, they’re still alive. It’s hard to imagine that lasting for long.

24. Saints (5-7, No. 22): Too many injuries. Too little time.

25. Panthers (5-7, No. 24): There’s surely an interesting store behind the firing of Joe Brady. Hopefully, we’ll hear it before the next major change is made.

26. Seahawks (4-8, No. 29): Now watch them run the table and make the playoffs.

27. Giants (4-8, No. 26): Can they get Eli Manning back for the rest of the season?

28. Bears (4-8, No. 27): Why did the team from Arizona look like the team built to play in Chicago in winter?

29. Jets (3-9, No. 28): Will it be Joe Douglas or someone else as the G.M. for those two high draft picks they’ll have?

30. Lions (1-10-1, No. 32): Is the dam getting ready to break? Or at least crack a little?

31. Texans (2-10, No. 30): Even at 2-10, they’re doing better than many thought they would.

32. Jaguars (2-10, No. 31): Would the former Ohio State coach draft the Michigan pass rusher with the top pick, if the Jags are in position to take him?