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PFT’s Week 8 2020 Power Rankings

Mike Florio and Chris Simms look at how the Steelers beat the Titans behind a balanced attack to remain undefeated on the season.

1. Steelers (last week No. 3; 6-0): Good news, the Steelers are No. 1. Bad news, a trip to Baltimore is up next.

2. Chiefs (No. 4; 6-1): They’ve gotten back on track quickly, as they always seem to do.

3. Titans (No. 2; 5-1): Down 20 in the second half, the fact that their game against the Steelers came down to a missed field goal makes it a very encouraging sign for the Titans.

4. Ravens (No. 5; 5-1): Five tests are coming, with Colts, Patriots, and Titans serving as the three layers of meat in a Steelers sandwich.

5. Buccaneers (No. 8; 5-2): The most complete team in the NFC is now the best, too.

6. Packers (No. 6; 5-1): After shredding the Texans in Week Seven, Aaron Rodgers said the Week Six loss to the Buccaneers was an anomaly. They may need to reverse that anomaly at some point in the postseason.

7. Seahawks (No. 1; 5-1): The Seahawks have been living on the edge far too often, and it finally caught up with them.

8. Saints (No. 9; 4-2): They’ve become the forgotten elite team in the NFL. It will be hard to forget them once Michael Thomas returns (especially since no one made the Saints an offer they couldn’t refuse for him).

9. Bills (No. 10; 5-2): The inability to run and stop the run doesn’t bode well with Part One of the annual Patriots series looming.

10. Rams (No. 11; 5-2): They’ll be fine, as long as they don’t have to play other teams in the NFC West.

11. Cardinals (No. 15; 5-2): Can we please have Kyler Murray in prime time every week?

12. Browns (No. 16; 5-2): They won’t miss OBJ as much as many believe.

13. Colts (No. 14; 4-2): The best kind of bye is the bye during which the other three teams in the division play, and lose.

14. Bears (No. 7; 5-2): Winning ugly > losing pretty >>>>>>>>> losing ugly.

15. 49ers (No. 19; 4-3): Dr. Jekyll wishes the 49ers would figure out who they are.

16. Raiders (No. 13; 3-3): If they’re on the cutting edge of beating the virus, we’d hate to see where they’re be if they weren’t.

17. Patriots (No. 12, 2-4): They’re on the ropes, and every AFC playoff contender should be hoping that someone punches them through.

18. Dolphins (No. 18; 3-3): Tua Time > Hammer Time.

19. Panthers (No. 17; 3-4): Don’t rule out a run at the No. 7 seed, especially with Christian McCaffrey getting healthy.

20. Chargers (No. 21; 2-4): I have seen the future. And it is the Chargers becoming the kings of L.A., thanks to Justin Herbert.

21. Eagles (No. 22; 2-4-1): They’re picking themselves up off the mat earlier than usual.

22. Lions (No. 24; 3-3): Don’t look now but the lowly Lions quietly have become contenders.

23. Broncos (No. 20; 2-4): Doubts already are growing about whether Drew Lock can be a franchise quarterback.

24. Washington (No. 30; 2-5): The sentimental favorites to win the division just might.

25. Bengals (No. 23; 1-5-1): Joe Burrow deserves better.

26. Falcons (No. 25; 1-6): Todd Gurley is the Bizarro Brian Westbrook.

27. Vikings (No. 28; 1-5): Hey, Vikings, take next week off, too.

28. Cowboys (No. 26; 2-5): They’re bad, and they’re increasingly not competitive.

29. Giants (No. 27; 1-6): Tom Brady picked a good time to try to get some revenge on the Giants.

30. Texans (No. 29; 1-6): Deshaun Watson deserves better.

31. Jaguars (No. 31; 1-6): It made sense to see what Gardner Minshew can do with a full season as starter. And now we’ve seen it.

32. Jets (No. 32; 0-7): “We only lost by eight points!”