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PFT’s Week Eight power rankings

Rob Gronkowski


1. Patriots (6-0; last week No. 1): The Patriots may wish they’d gotten on Thursday night the Joe Philbin Dolphins, not the Dan Campbell Dolphins.

2. Bengals (6-0; No. 2): Beating Pittsburgh in the regular season could be the key to avoiding a loss to them in January.

3. Packers (6-0; No. 3): Sunday’s trip to Denver could result in Aaron Rodgers seeing the best defense he’s ever faced.

4. Panthers (6-0; No. 4): If they can win when Cam Newton throws three interceptions, they won’t lose many times.

5. Broncos (6-0; No. 5): Of the four other 6-0 teams, Denver will play three of them.

6. Jets (4-2; No. 6): The Jets should emerge from their loss to the Patriots confident that they can beat anyone.

7. Falcons (6-1; No. 8): They’ll end up with a lot more than one loss if they can’t beat bad teams more convincingly.

8. Cardinals (5-2; No. 9): The Cards continue to pile up wins over bad teams.

9. Vikings (4-2; No. 10): How did Stefon Diggs last until round five?

10. Steelers (4-3; No. 7): The Landry Jones era is over. There was one?

11. Rams (3-3; No. 11): It’s probably time for teams playing the Rams to start game-planning to stop Todd Gurley.

12. Dolphins (3-3; No. 15): Those back-to-back wins won’t mean anything if the Dolphins get thumped on Thursday night in Foxborough.

13. Giants (4-3; No. 14): Consistent Inconsistency is the T-shirt slogan for the 2015 Giants.

14. Raiders (3-3; No. 18): The best team in the Bay Area is suddenly the one that doesn’t have a swanky new stadium.

15. Seahawks (3-4; No. 16): Michael Bennett hates Dallas. He now gets a chance to visit.

16. Eagles (3-4; No. 12): It’s not crazy to think that this team would instantly get better by trading for Colin Kaepernick.

17. Saints (3-4; No. 23): The division title could be difficult to win, but a wild-card berth is definitely in play.

18. Cowboys (2-4; No. 13): “My dog didn’t just bite you. He’s simply trying to show you how to properly eat your food.”

19. Washington (3-4; No. 22): If that’s how excited Kirk Cousins gets after beating the Bucs, he may have a Scanners moment if they ever beat a good team.

20. Bills (3-4; No. 17): Well, at least they’re not moving to Toronto.

21. Colts (3-4; No. 19): If Andrew Luck is still injured, it explains plenty. If he’s not injured, he has plenty of explaining to do.

22. Browns (2-5; No. 20): The owner’s hand is likely creeping toward the well-worn reset button.

23. Chargers (2-5; No. 21): The Major League strategy apparently is being employed in San Diego.

24. Bears (2-4; No. 24): If yelling at the G.M. gets a guy a one-way ticket out of town, a Rudy-style jersey line could soon be forming.

25. Jaguars (2-5; No. 32): It was obvious on Sunday that the Jaguars aren’t accustomed to leading in the second half.

26. Buccaneers (2-4; No. 25): Is it worse to blow a 24-point lead or lose by 24 points?

27. Chiefs (2-5; No. 30): Beating an NFL team led by Landry Jones is sort of like beating Missouri.

28. 49ers (2-5; No. 26): Can someone please explain how this team won two games?

29. Texans (2-5; No. 27): Can someone please explain how this team won two games?

30. Ravens (1-6; No. 28): Joe Flacco and company are now the opposite of elite.

31. Titans (1-5; No. 31): I hope Chip Kelly likes country music.

32. Lions (1-6; No. 29): The Lions handed out a different kind of trophy to their Lombardi.