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PFT’s Week Three 2021 power rankings

From starting QBs to a wild Sunday Night Football matchup, Chris Simms and Mike Florio discuss the biggest disappointments from the second week of action in the NFL.

1. Buccaneers (2-0, Last week No. 1): The defense isn’t where it needs to be. But it doesn’t need to be there if the offense keeps doing what it’s doing.

2. Rams (2-0, No. 3): They get a shot to take over the top spot, with the Bucs coming to town for Tom Brady’s first-ever L.A. game.

3. Ravens (1-1, No. 11): After one of the most deflating losses of the Harbaugh/Lamar era, the Ravens get their signature win.

4. Chiefs (1-1, No. 2): Wake them up when September ends.

5. Bills (1-1, No. 6): Which Bills are the real Bills, Week One or Week Two?

6. 49ers (2-0, No. 9): It’s running back by Congressional committee for the 49ers, but they’re winning.

7. Cardinals (2-0, No. 14): It’s better to be lucky than good. It’s even better to be both.

8. Raiders (2-0, No. 17): The NFL is always better when the Raiders are good.

9. Steelers (1-1, No. 5): They’re now 2-6 in their last eight games against the Raiders, dating back to 2006.

10. Panthers (2-0, No. 20): With everyone wondering whether Urban Meyer can be the next Jimmy Johnson, Matt Rhule is moving in that direction.

11. Packers (1-1, No. 15): With the 49ers and Steelers coming up, we’ll find out whether the Packers are ready to put Week One in the rear-view mirror.

12. Browns (1-1, No. 7): If Tyrod Taylor doesn’t get injured, the Browns could be 0-2.

13. Patriots (1-1, No. 13): Bill Belichick makes more people see ghosts than Oda Mae Brown.

14. Saints (1-1, No. 4): Jameis Winston isn’t Patrick Mahomes. Sean Payton needs to get Winston to stop trying to be Patrick Mahomes.

15. Cowboys (1-1, No. 16): Mike McCarthy manages the clock worse than a drunken horologist.

16. Chargers (1-1, No. 8): The new-look Chargers looked like the same-old Chargers on Sunday. Maybe they are.

17. Titans (1-1, No. 19): Better late than never. Better not late at all.

18. Broncos (2-0, No. 18): They looked sluggish against a team they should have beaten more easily than they did.

19. Seahawks (1-1, No. 10): Pete Carroll-coached teams aren’t supposed to blow big leads.

20. Dolphins (1-1, No. 12): Tua or no Tua, the Dolphins aren’t ready to compete at a high level, yet.

21. Washington (1-1, No. 22): Taylor Heinecke has a long way to go to keep Ryan Fitzpatrick on the bench after he’s healthy.

22. Bears (1-1, No. 26): They should have beaten the Bengals a lot more easily than they did.

23. Bengals (1-1, No. 21): They’re still better than they were supposed to be. If they were just a little bit better, they’d be 2-0.

24. Vikings (0-2, No. 23): The best 0-2 team in the league is still 0-2.

25. Eagles (1-1, No. 25): The season really starts on Monday night against the Cowboys.

26. Giants (0-2, No. 27): Dexter Lawrence wasn’t offside.

27. Colts (0-2, No. 24): Carson Wentz is injured so often because he so often puts himself in position to be injured.

28. Texans (1-1, No. 28): To their credit, they are much better than the complete and total mess we thought they’d be.

29. Lions (0-2, No. 31): They’ll win just enough games to blow their shot at one of the best quarterbacks in the draft.

30. Falcons (0-2, No. 29): Some potentially winnable games are coming. Let’s see if they can win any of them.

31. Jets (0-2, No. 30): Zach Wilson will be fine. He’d be even better if he never had to face Bill Belichick again.

32. Jaguars (0-2, No. 32): The 1976-77 Buccaneers should start thinking about putting some pink champagne on ice.