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PFT’s Week Three power rankings

Mike Florio and Chris Simms hand out their Week 2 awards and superlatives, including recognition for Josh Allen and Kyler Murray.

1. Chiefs (previously No. 1; 2-0): Maybe the Chiefs should just spot every team a double-digit lead.

2. Ravens (No. 2; 2-0): They’re two wins short of 16 straight regular-season victories. The Chiefs stand in the way of No. 15.

3. Seahawks (No. 3; 2-0): At this rate, Russell Wilson won’t just get his first MVP vote. He’ll get his first 50.

4. Patriots (No. 4; 1-1): If Cam stays healthy, they won’t lose many more than the one they lost this week.

5. Bills (No. 7; 2-0): The Bills finally have found their next Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas, in the same guy.

6. Packers (No. 9; 2-0): They’re better than they were last year. Imagine how much better they’d be if they’d used their first-round pick on a receiver.

7. Titans (No. 8; 2-0): Eventually, they’ll be winning games by more than two or three points.

8. Saints (No. 5; 1-1): They need Michael Thomas back, quickly.

9. Buccaneers (No. 9; 1-1): Tom Brady has struggled in Denver, but he’s never faced Jeff Driskel there.

10. Steelers (No. 11; 2-0): We’ll see what this team is made of when they face Baltimore for the first time.

11. Cardinals (No. 12; 2-0): The Cardinals could be undefeated when a national audience finally gets a chance to fully appreciate Kyler Murray and company on a Monday night in Dallas.

12. Rams (No. 13; 2-0): They’re handling teams from the NFC East; what will they do against the teams of the NFC West?

13. 49ers (No. 6; 1-1): Losing Nick Bosa makes the defensive ordinary. The offense isn’t sufficiently extraordinary to make up for it.

14. Raiders (No. 20; 2-0): The Death Roomba sucked the life out of the Saints.

15. Cowboys (No. 14; 1-1): Plenty of Cowboys fans already are longing for Jason Garrett.

16. Bears (No. 21; 2-0): September victories are money in the bank, and they build confidence for the battles to come.

17. Chargers (No. 18; 1-1): They’ll go higher when they fully embrace the fact that Justin Herbert is the answer, both short-term and long-term.

18. Colts (No. 23; 1-1): If they make it look that easy every week, they’ll be a tough out in January.

19. Eagles (No. 15; 0-2): The sooner they think they’re in a “must” win situation, the sooner they’ll start winning.

20. Texans (No. 17; 0-2): Their hardest two games are out of the way. Now, they can figure out who they are.

21. Falcons (No. 19; 0-2): When the coach says the team knows the onside kick rules and the owner says it doesn’t, that’s not a good sign for the coach.

22. Broncos (No. 16; 0-2): Two close losses against significantly better teams are still two close losses.

23. Washington (No. 24; 1-1): They’re not the first nor the last to fall victim to the magic that is Kyler Murray.

24. Browns (No. 32; 1-1): Embrace the run, and the victories will come.

25. Jaguars (No. 28; 1-1): This team will make some noise if it can win the games it should.

26. Dolphins (No. 25; 0-2): The clock continues to flash Tua Time.

27. Bengals (No. 29; 0-2): Joe Burrow makes the Bengals the most exciting 0-2 team of all time.

28. Vikings (No. 22; 0-2): Some teams were prepared for the strangest season ever, some weren’t. One team doesn’t really seem to care that the season has started.

29. Jets (No. 26; 0-2): How lopsided would the game have been if the 49ers hadn’t been ravaged by injuries?

30. Lions (No. 27; 0-2): The “reset” button is already blinking.

31. Giants (No. 30; 0-2): No Saquon? No problem. Wait, I mean big problem.

32. Panthers (No. 31; 0-2): They’ve performed admirably, but that becomes a lot harder with the best running back in football not available for a month or so.