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PFT’s Week Two 2021 power rankings

Aaron Rodgers' offseason beef with Green Bay was no secret, but he wasn't the only problem as the Saints pounded the Packers into the ground in a Week 1 blowout.

1. Buccaneers (1-0, Last week No. 1): The Bucs should abandon the blitzes and revert to the true Tampa Two scheme.

2. Chiefs (1-0, No. 2): For the Chiefs, it’s never over until it’s over.

3. Rams (1-0, No. 5): It will get harder and harder for Sean McVay to praise Matthew Stafford without necessarily throwing shade at Jared Goff.

4. Saints (1-0, No. 9): Death, taxes, and the Saints under Sean Payton having a damn good football team.

5. Steelers (1-0, No. 14): The names of the players change. The identity of the coach doesn’t. Barring injury, we should never assume the Steelers won’t be good enough to win most of their games.

6. Bills (0-1, No. 3): They need to shrug Week One off quickly; a dangerous Miami trip is looming.

7. Browns (0-1, No. 6): You can’t consistently single cover Tyreek Hill and expect to beat Kansas City.

8. Chargers (1-0, No. 8): Brandon Staley checks the first box on his way to a potential coach of the year award.

9. 49ers (1-0, No. 11): The Trey Lance train continues to be derailed.

10. Seahawks (1-0, No. 12): Copy and paste Steelers entry here. Change name of team.

11. Ravens (0-1, No. 7): “The Browns is the Browns” no longer applies. “The Ravens is the Ravens” possibly no longer applies, either.

12. Dolphins (1-0, No. 16): Victory from the jaws of defeat is still victory.

13. Patriots (0-1, No. 10): Defeat from the jaws of victory is still defeat.

14. Cardinals (1-0, No. 25): They’ll go as far as Kyler and Chandler will take them.

15. Packers (0-1, No. 4): When playing games in California and Florida, this team fails to show up, far too often.

16. Cowboys (0-1, No. 17): It was the best loss the Cowboys have had in years.

17. Raiders (1-0, No. 21): The reward for beating the Ravens? A one-way ticket to Pittsburgh, with Jon Gruden taking on his former pupil, Mike Tomlin.

18. Broncos (1-0, No. 23): They may not be ready to be contenders, but they’re on their way to being relevant, for the first time in a long time.

19. Titans (0-1, No. 13): Aberration or trend? A trip to Seattle will shed more light on that one.

20. Panthers (1-0, No. 24): Sam Darnold was once again on the field for the latest Jets loss. For a change, he wasn’t one of the people sulking.

21. Bengals (1-0, No. 29): If Joe Burrow stays healthy, the AFC North will be the best division in football.

22. Washington (0-1, No. 15): Fitzmagic or Fitztragic; there’s no middle ground.

23. Vikings (0-1, No. 18): It could be another long year for the Vikings, who seem to think they’re better than they really are.

24. Colts (0-1, No. 19): They’ve got four more tough games before they get any type of a break.

25. Eagles (1-0, No. 28): Jalen Hurts looks good so far. We’ll see if he can sustain it against better defenses.

26. Bears (0-1, No. 20): Chicago’s plan for keeping Justin Fields under wraps would work way better if they had no home games.

27. Giants (0-1, No. 22): Same as it ever is.

28. Texans (1-0, No. 32): Tyrod Taylor, when healthy, is a much better quarterback than widely believed.

29. Falcons (0-1, No. 26): It absolutely, positively won’t get there overnight.

30. Jets (0-1, No. 30): They need to do everything they can to protect Zach Wilson. Even that may not be good enough.

31. Lions (0-1, No. 31): They showed remarkable resilience after falling behind 38-10. Let’s not let that obscure the fact that they fell behind 38-10.

32. Jaguars (0-1, No. 27): Jimmy Johnson or Steve Spurrier? Suddenly, some are wondering whether Urban Meyer will be the next Bobby Petrino.