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Players seek “preliminary injunction” to stop lockout while lawsuit proceeds


Lost in the flurry of activity that unfolded on Friday afternoon and evening is the fact that the NFLPA* already has taken steps to end the lockout that was launched at midnight.

We’ve obtained a copy of the “motion for preliminary injunction” filed on behalf of Tom Brady and the other named plaintiffs. The motion asks that the lockout be prevented while the litigation proceeds.

Though no hearing date has been set, motions of this nature tend to move fairly quickly. A hearing could be set for the coming week, and a decision could be issued in time for free agency to begin by Friday.

The league will presumably argue in response that the decertification was not effective, which if successful would cut off the players’ ability to block the lockout.

And so begins the first skirmish of Litigeddon. Its outcome will either force the doors open (which is good for the fans) or keep the doors shut (which is good for the fans only if the two sides can work out a new labor deal).

Stay tuned for more details. Whether you want them or not.