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Plug gets pulled early on Polian’s weekly radio show

As it turns out, Colts coach Jim Caldwell wasn’t the only guy taking heat for the ill-advised decision to throw back a chance at perfection like a fish not big enough to be a “keeper.”

Team president Bill Polian has been getting hammered, too. And he faced the wrath of Colts fans during his Monday radio show.

And as pointed out by the folks at, the one-hour program abruptly ended with 10 minutes to go, just as a caller had Polian on the run regarding Polian’s position that injured starters shouldn’t play in a meaningless game. The caller correctly explained that the decision to remove quarterback Peyton Manning and other healthy players had nothing to do with injuries.

At that point, the show went dead.

As aptly puts it, "[J]ust like pulling the starters Sunday, Bill Polian seemed to pull himself out of the show early to avoid further injury.”

Per the blog, Polian was “rude” throughout the show to callers who took exception with the decision not to go for the win.

Plenty of league insiders will respond to this news by concluding that Polian’s temper has finally caught up with him -- and by taking a certain amount of pleasure in seeing him get what plenty of league insiders believe he deserves for years of subjecting folks in the business to the same attitude he demonstrated on Monday night when criticized for blowing a chance at perfection.