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Police searched for Manziel with helicopter


Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel may have felt a little like Ray Liotta in that weird final half hour of Goodfellas.

Via Mark David Smith of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth police have issued a statement indicating that a helicopter was used to search for Manziel following whatever it was that happened between him and a female on Saturday morning.

The report indicates that a “possible assault” occurred, but that the potential victim (who referred to Manziel as her ex-boyfriend) was not cooperative. The helicopter search apparently resulted from Manziel’s ex-girlfriend’s concerns for his well-being and an inability to locate him through “cell phone numbers associated with him.”

Although no arrest was made, it’s another alarming example of possible misbehavior from a guy who continues to make one bad decision after another. While the Browns surely hope that they can trade him to another team, at some point the only responsible thing to do will be to cut him.