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Privately, many coaches like the NFLCA brief


As coaching staffs from more and more teams continue to claim that the brief filed by the NFL Coaches Association on behalf (supposedly) of all NFL coaches, we’re hearing that plenty of coaches privately are pleased with the efforts of the NFLCA to attempt to lift the lockout.

As one source with extensive coaching contacts explained it to PFT, coaches are choosing to protect their long-term employment prospects by speaking against the NFLCA brief and in favor of the owners. Thus, if any are asked about the NFLCA brief, they will publicly say that they do not support it.

Privately, many coaches are singing a different tune, expressing delight that the NFLCA is working on their behalf via an argument that the players should be allowed to return to team facilities via a lifting of the lockout.

And it’s not just about not having access to the players. Plenty of coaches have seen their pay get reduced, but not their hours. Moreover, if the lockout ends this month via court order or negotiated settlement, the coaches can kiss goodbye their annual down time, given that free agency would likely consume most if not all of the period in which the NFL is otherwise quiet.

Still, don’t count on any coaches saying any of that to the media. Indeed, we expect that some coaches will issue a loud denial of this report.

Right before they retreat to their offices and smile.